Dear Forbes, 7 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead Of A Xbox 360

so this is the answer to the article written earlier?both systems have their pros and cons. and if you have the money buy both. Now believe me as someone who has both MS has done a lot wrong in past few years than right. They saw the wii succeed with casual market and totally forgot about us everything now is kinect or better with kienctdance games with kinect are the best, let’s give credit where credit is duei hope going forward MS invests into some studios because i doubt Epic will keep gears franchise exclusive. Epic had a 3 game deal which is now overxblive has cross game chat while psn doesn’t, when ps4 has cross game chat and still free psn than why should xblive not be free? make a service like psn:plsu to give value to consumersif you have the money buy both,forza is a great racing franchise that has made major strides compare to GT, anmd that’s coming from a GT fanboyHalo is a great FPS no denying that.Crackdown could be ms’s infamous but ms seems to take the IP for no good.gears of war,alan wake are both exclusives but ms doesn’t own the IP’ sony has 12 1st party studios along with some major 2nd patrty like insomniac,read at dawn,QD etc,so if you don’t want to miss out on great games buy both and stop fighting this unwinable fanboy war

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