Global Hardware and Software weekly ending october 27th

seems like u just keep winning buddy.. The world adores the 3DS for reasons that exceed my comprehension.. I love the 1st party on it so i understand that but damn lol… Pokemon, Just Dance, & Skylanders dont interest me in the slightest but ppl LOVE IT.. i just dont get it.. Vita barely squeezes a game into the top 20 but then again, it only has an install base of roughly 3 mil compared to 3DS having 20+ mil..Why cant game like Revelations, Code of Princess, or Heroes of Ruin sell like these? Those kind of games are more my style but it seems like the games i enjoy are getting more & more rare these days.. Oh well, i dont really care what sells anymore.. I buy what i like regardless of what other ppl decide to buy..Rated M for Mature lol

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