Full of wisdom? Or just a Troll?

““I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant. They have their niche, Nintendo’s first-party content is great content, and hardcore people will keep buying their consoles, but they’re not going to only play with Nintendo consolesOk he’s trippin. irrelevant? Hmmm…lets see. A company who last product just reached around 90 million units sold becomes irrelevant?”They kind of did though. They made a console that sold a ton and motion controls became an important fad. But a lot of owners who bought a wii either bought a 360 or PS3 along side (i.e. the Wii didn’t make people stop buying competitive systems). He is saying Nintendo has become that company that everyone buys because of its first party but decides between Sony or Microsoft with the third party option plus their exclusives.With the Wii U it will be up to Sony and Microsoft to make their consoles more powerful (and if both are) then the same situation will happen. Third party will drop (like it did with the Wii) and Nintendo will do its own thing. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing and in a way is the better situation to be in than to be fighting it out (again it is up to what Sony and Microsoft do because if they don’t release powerful hardware then Nintendo isn’t irrelevant and has to fight it out). What he is saying is Nintendo systems don’t make you not buy competitive systems. It isn’t as bad as you made out

Originally posted here: Full of wisdom? Or just a Troll?


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