Eurogamer Review: Halo 4

I think you’re confusing the no name small or trollish sites coming out of the woodwork to review with an agenda(not so different from the excuses you have been using to troll Halo articles) Most good reviewers score this game good.Trying to find reviewers that are tough on games or ones that are basically blogs, to troll in makes you look patheticYou think this looks mixed?Destructoid – 10Machinima – 10MondoXbox – 10Game Revolution – 10NZGamer – 10Gaming Age – AJoystiq – 5/5 StarsIGN – 9.8Gaming Trend – 9.6Polygon- 9.5OXM – 9.5Game Informer – 9.3Canadian Online Gamers – 9.3Gamespot – 9Xbox 360 Achievements – 9GameReactor Sweden – 9GameReactor Denmark – 9Halo Council – 9Eurogamer Italy – – 9Gamer.No – 9GamesBeat – 91UP – A-G4TV – 4.5/5 StarsEurogamer – 8Metro Game Central – 8CVG – 8Giant Bomb – 4/5 StarsKotaku – Play This GameRev3 Games – Buy itPenny Arcade – “This isn’t Bungie’s Halo anymore – it’s better”You must be talking about blog sites from Norway/Gernamy etc?

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