Parable: WWE ’13 Review

‘The arena was alive with energy and not a single empty seat could be seen as the fans eagerly awaited upon the announcer lift the microphone to his lips and introduce the first competitor to the ring… only to realise that the player is still selecting which spandex would suit the rest of his ring attire! Yes, it seems like we once again in treat for yet aggressive and violent year in the WWE universe. While some could argue that WWE is neither sport nor entertainment, the wrestling industry has always had a big following across the globe and it seemed only right that being the only remaining fan within the Parable team, that they called upon me once again to provide you information about the changes and newest editions to WWE ’13 and how they are different to WWE ’12 and older instalments in this franchise.’ -Terry Anstiss, Parable (PS3, WWE 13, Xbox 360) 8.0/10

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