VGRT Gaming Podcast 285: Surviving Sandy

The podcast is back this week after being knocked out by Hurricane Sandy hitting New York City hard. As the Kickstarter continues to struggle to find donors, Jordan discusses his hands-on experience with the new Microsoft tablet, the Surface, in lieu of a Gaming Flashback.This week’s news items include:* Civilization MMO being developed in Asia* Yoshida: PlayStation Vita sales are below expectations* DICE giving away Battlefield 1942 for free on Origin* Redding: “lower-case aaa” games where the industry should be heading* Microsoft and 343 Industries taking hard stance on sexismAll that and Reader Feedback. This week’s Question of the Week, “What do you do for fun when you can’t access the internet?” (343 Industries, Battlefield 1942, Dev, Dice, Halo 4, Industry, Microsoft, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

See the article here: VGRT Gaming Podcast 285: Surviving Sandy

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