2012 VGAs – list of winners, including Game of the Year

“worst VGAs ever.”You’ve never seen a VGA award show besides this one, have you? I don’t think I really need to even ask that, it’s clear you haven’t.If you have, then you have horrible tastes, and one of the worst opinions I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. This has been the best VGA in a while (not saying much, because they pretty much all suck, though this one sucked less than any of them that’s for sure).At least the majority of wins were actually well deserved. Borderlands 2 winning best shooter/multiplayer/male performance/best character, Journey winning best PS3 game/best score/best independent game, Dishonored winning best action adventure game, Half Life 2 winning game of the decade.The show wasn’t perfect and I disagree with walking dead being goty (though that’s mainly because it’s a bit slow for me, which is only a personal preference thing), but hey, at least most of the nominees and most of the awards were deserving. Remember when Call of Duty used to win EVERYTHING? You probably don’t, which is why I believe you’ve never seen a VGA before this or last year.

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