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You know games are top of the line in terms of graphics and sound. However, you get frustrated when one tiny scratch can cause your entire game to stop working. You are tired of games being overused or mishandled by friends or relatives to the point where they break. You don’t really want to have to go out and repurchase your broken games again so you have looked into ways to get around this.

How to Backup

Obviously, a standard DVD burning software such as Nero is not going to do the trick. Games are digitally signed and contain copyright protection. You cannot successfully get around this protection to copy with a DVD burner software. Successfully burning will require you to find a software that can break the digital code included. This can be a hard thing to find. Fortunately, many software programmers have noticed this difficulty and have created software that allows you to bypass the copyright protection. The process is simple. First you will want to take your original game and insert it into the DVD drive on your PC. Next you will want to go into your computer and copy the image to your hardware. This step will require somewhere from thirty minutes to a full hour depending on your processor. Once this is done you want to eject the game and replace it with a blank disc.

Know the legality

It’s important to be aware of legal issues related to copying. Make sure that you’re not using software to break any encryption. If you own the original version and contains no encryption, then it’s perfectly legal for you to make backup copies.However, the games must strictly be used as backup copies that you alone use.

Be Wary of Some Hacks

A big point I’d like to mention about is that people think they can get the best method off the Internet through some forum. The truth is that the very best way is by using software that was specifically created to do that. The issue with forums and private reviews is such you don’t really know if they’re telling the truth.

• People often leave fake methods simply to destroy the consoles and disks of other people

• The information is usually long out-dated, completely useless or nonsensical garbage

• If you touch your console, it voids your warranty, which means no more tech support for you

If you follow their tips and you mess up your system – you’re done. Microsoft will not repair your console because it’s ‘self-inflicted’ damage; you damaged it yourself. And you’ll lose 500$ for trying to save some money on the 50$ game. Silly situation, really.

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