Nintendo Responds to Microsofts Claim That The Wii U is Effectively a 360

“Word of advice. Expand your horizons, take your eyes away from the pinhole view, and perhaps even consider the value of enjoying and respecting all sides rather than choosing one before you decide to take part in such a conversation.”Ironic statement of the day. First of all, perhaps Spencer was talking about two different things? The Nintendo crowd gets 360 ports they missed out on last gen, and the Xbox crowd gets to play Nintendo games on an Xbox 360 controller. You put words in his mouth and made him sound like an idiot, when his statement makes sense. More than that, he’s probably right.Secondly, take another look at the controller lineage you just mentioned. If you think the Pro controller looks more like the GC controller than the Xbox 360 controller, you’re the one that’s willfully ignorant. The Pro controller is an exact copy of the shape on the Xbox 360 controller. Look at the picture in the article that’s split down the middle. The contours are identical. Nintendo also copied the shoulder buttons and the triggers. The only thing different is the positions of the face buttons and right stick, which have been swapped.Nintendo was the first to revive the analog stick on consoles, and they invented shoulder buttons. Sony gave us two analog sticks and double shoulder buttons, then they made the shoulder buttons analog. This paved the way for the Dreamcast’s triggers. Sega also made it’s analog stick the primary movement over the D-pad. Microsoft threw everything together and gave it a comfortable shape.Nintendo has been playing catch-up since the N64 era with traditional controllers. GC borrowed from the DualShock, Wii Classic borrowed from the DualShock, and Wii U Pro completely copied the X360 controller. It’s understood that each new controller iteration will build on other’s success, but Nintendo took their “inspiration” too far with their design.Sorry for the rant, I know the controller thing isn’t your main point, but it’s absurd for Nintendo fans to ignore the blatant copying of MS’s controller. Not only that, but you called him ignorant for seeing the obvious, which you seem to miss.

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