Dreamfall Chapters announced by former Secret World director

November 1, 2012 8:59PM PDT

Ragnar T�rnquist’s new studio, Red Thread Games, will continue the story of The Longest Journey with the upcoming game.

Fans of acclaimed adventure titles The Longest Journey and Dreamfall will be pleased to know that series creator Ragnar Tornquist will be returning to his adventure game-creating roots.

The new title will be called Dreamfall Chapters and will be created by Tornquist’s new studio Red Thread Games for the PC and Mac. According to an interview from website Rock, Paper Shotgun, the game will be continuing the story that started from PC title The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.
Tornquist, who most recently was the director for MMO The Secret World, said that the team will be using Kickstarter to get funds to develop Dreamfall Chapters; so far it has received a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute. Concerning The Secret World, he said he will still remain as creative director for the MMO.
The PC adventure title The Longest Journey was praised for its story, graphics, and puzzles. Its sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, was also praised for its sci-fi story and production values for graphics and music.

By Jonathan Toyad, Associate Editor
Born and raised from a jungle-laden village in Sarawak, Malaysia, Jonathan Toyad has been playing games since the early 90s. He favors fighting games, RPGs, and rhythm titles above every other genre, and occasionally spaces out like Pavlov’s dog to video game music on his iPod.

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