Google games on Google+

Games on Google+ (Credit: Google)

Google’s not-so-secret gaming ambitions for its new social network are no longer under wraps.

Google gaming element for Google+, the social network the company launched at the end of June. The new offering lets Google+ users play games from within the social network, including some that can be played with other Google+ users.

Some of the launch games include Rovio’s Angry Birds, PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz, and Zynga’s Poker. It’s a tiny collection compared to what’s offered on Facebook, which has made a booming business by offering social games that players can click away at while remaining within the social network’s walls.

According to Google engineering director David Glazer, the initial batch of games was intentionally kept small so as to “get the kinks out of our APIs.” Glazer said Google would be adding more developers and features “in small steps” ahead of a public release.

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