Microsoft making Xbox tablet – Report

November 6, 2012 8:31AM PST

Sources say company building proprietary 7-inch gaming-focused tablet; will be announced before Xbox 720.

Microsoft may be getting into portable gaming. Multiple sources speaking to The Verge say the technology giant is building a proprietary 7-inch gaming-focused tablet currently called “Xbox Surface.” Specifications for such a device leaked in June prior to Microsoft’s official announcement of its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablet line.

The Xbox Surface is rumored to include a custom ARM processor and “high-bandwidth” RAM that is tailored with gaming in mind. The tablet will not run a full-fledged version of Windows, the sources said, but rather a custom operating system.
The Xbox Surface tablet may feature support for other tablet functionality like messaging, but the device’s focus will reportedly be on gaming. As for when gamers may get a glimpse at the Xbox Surface, the source suggested it will be unveiled prior to the Xbox 720, which analysts believe will be on store shelves late next year.
A Microsoft representative said, “Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation.”

By Eddie Makuch, News Editor
Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He lives in Connecticut, works out of the company’s New York City office, and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

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