Media Create hardware sales (12/17 – 12/23)

You and CommonSenseGamer are right. The Vita sales are terrible and the 3Ds line up will overshadow the Vita’s line up next year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be optimistic of the situation. None of the 3DS games have stopped the PSP, PS3, Wii U or 360 games from selling, so why would it stop people from buying Vita games.While a lot of the games coming out next year, are enhance ports, that doesn’t stop it from being a game that could potential help the Vita sell more units.I’m not going to say; Oh wait, it’s going to do better, so stop talking bad about it. I’m just saying, ports are not, it’s getting third party support and that is a step in the right direction.The 3DS is too far ahead for the Vita to catch up and if Sony didn’t ditch UMDs or had cards in the first place, I’m sure the Vita would have been selling better. That is Sony’s mistake and that will forever haunt them until the PSP stops selling or maybe long after.I know the sales are bad and I can admit that. I just rather have an optimistic look on it, than a well, it’s another bad week for the Vita, so it might be time to right it off. I didn’t do it with the 3DS at launch (It wasn’t as bad as the Vita, but people made it see like it was) nor did I do it with the Dreamcast. Just like anyone here, their system is an investment and no one likes to hear their investment is going bad. Also, worldwide, it might be doing better, not 3DS better, but better than just only seeing Japan’s numbers.

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