Sony debt rating lowered near junk

ppl need to read all the article before write something..isnt just the av market”The flat-panel TV market has largely matured, the service said, and the explosive growth of smartphones is cannibalizing demand for Sony products like cameras and the PlayStation Vita.The service noted that operating profits from Sony’s digital imaging and G A M E S offerings were down 60 percent for the first half of the fiscal year, and it only expects that decline to worsen. Likewise, Sony is expected to continue losing money on TVs in light of stiff competition and weak sales expected for the coming year.”Im sorry for sony coz other company like MS need competitive opponent in the market but…if i look at this years…sony did too many fail…ps3 crazy high price for the customers(just for pushing the blueray tech..that will fail soon too)ps3 incomes…SOny.didnt take money this gen from the ps3 or not how much they needed ..coz ps3 manufactor cost was too high for each consoleTv market…they lose the idea of what market need they arent anymore in the “trinitron” 90′ where they would dominate the market jsut with a good doth pitch….Samsung tv r easly better than any sony tv…..- Sony Vita…they should just abandon the project…was clear for the most expert in the market that an expansive handheld nowdays would not sell…..we have mobile phones already…and they do what we need…….sony didnt hear and understand this…and now….vita is clearly failing- Cameras….well u could think ..ok the professional segment will train the market..but dosnt work like this…is always the consumer segment that train the marketTake a look at the Matrox company against Nvidia in the late 90’….they was dominant on the professional segment but they was also on the consumer market…after 4 years against nvidia they abandoned the consumer market for their high prices against nvidia better qualityso most of the consumer cameras…soon will vanish from the market as some expert said already ….coz mobile phones r taking their places…….u can shoot an good 8 megapixel photo with ur mobile phone and u dont need to take 2 pieces in your pocket but just one ;)Now gaikai…..ok is a good look to the future…..but was this the good timing to buy a company? boh i dont know …this could (IHMO) mean that we will never see a ps5 and the ps4 will be not that powerhouse that ppl waiting for…guys next gen is all about integration an MS …(u could be happy or not) have the ace in their slave already….windows 8….sony cant fight on OS lvl…sorryMoodys saying that they need an 12/18 months restructuration and if they start to do this in my country Fiat did after moodys asking (is a car company for who dont know) we will haver for sure a cheap ps4 console….so i hope they dont do itthey need to abandon the idea…of the CORE gamers..they need money..and core gamers..dont buy games.(probably most ps3 user of this gen..have a custom firmware for free games)..They just talk about games…look at how much difference we have between xbox xclusives and ps3 exclusive sales…MS dominate it. When we talk about exclusives all ps3 core gamers…jump on and start to explain us how much better ps3 exclusives r…but so why with + or – same console sold (MS and Sony) sony dont sell same exclusives of MS?Why sony continue to offer services to ppl that continue to dont spend on their market? (online gaming etc etc)Im talking about numbers dont go upset….and numbers r facts….kinect is a bullshit as u want..but it sold 30 millions (YES 30 MILLIONS) and it wasnt cheap…

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