Xbox 360 Repair Guide – The Original 3 Red Light Fix Guide!

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Xbox 360 Repair – Fix The RROD!

Q. What is RROD?

xbox 360 3 red light repair guide gamerbots qrcodeA. RROD is an acronym that stands for Red Ring Of Death.

It’s basically the most common problem you’ll find with broken Xbox 360 consoles. You’ll power up your Xbox 360 and find that it doesn’t fully turn on. And you’ll also have a “red ring” of lights that will be flashing on your power button. Hence the name “Red Ring Of Death”.

Q. What causes the Red Ring Of Death?

A. The RROD error is caused by a bit of faulty engineering on MicroSoft’s part. When the console heats up from playing, there are a couple of main electonic components inside of the console that become disconnected.

Q. Is your fix a permanent fix to this problem?

A. YES! – We’ve personally fixed hundreds – if not thousands – of Xbox 360s with this same problem. And unlike some guides, written by teenage game players, our guide was written by an Electonics Technician from the United States Navy and is guaranteed to work.

Q. Will your guide repair other Xbox 360 Errors?

A. YES! It also fixes:

  • Distorted Graphics – If your graphics become choppy when you’re playing an action game, then this repair will take care of that!
  • E74 Error – This is basically the same as the (RROD – Red Ring Of Death) and our repair will definitely take care of that as well.
  • Frozen Screen – (Freeze ups) If your games are constantly freezing up on you, then this repair will work for you.
  • 2 Red Lights – Our repair will also fix the 2 Red Lights error.

 Xbox 360 Repair Guide – The Original 3 Red Light Fix Guide!

Only $19.95 – click to BUY NOW

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