Duke Nukem Forever designer calls Reviewer retarded for Halo 4 Review

That highlights some of the major problems with reviewing this generation.1. Scores don’t reflect the impression of the review. (A game gets a 6 but the review sounds like an 8, or vice versa.)2. Reviewers don’t maintain any sort of standards taken from one review to the next. (Games that get crapped on for not being innovative enough, or evolving enough from the last iteration, while other franchises are praised for remaining “true to [their] roots.”)3. Allowing personal bias to color the review too much. (Scoring a franchise or genre too high or too low because it does or doesn’t fit the viewer’s personal preference.)All of these things are so rampant, it makes the majority of reviews pointless to rely on, whereas in past generations virtually ANY review would be reliable. And I hate that cop-out “reviews are just opinions.” Yes, they’re supposed to be objective opinions, not personal ones. Doctors give opinions not based on their personal feelings, but professional observation; even so, they can still disagree on things.Instead of making excuses for bad reviews and reviewers, it’s about time the industry starts demanding some standards. Reviews, unfortunately, aren’t getting any LESS important; if they’re going to count, let’s at least make sure they’re something we can count on.

Originally posted here: Duke Nukem Forever designer calls Reviewer retarded for Halo 4 Review

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