PlayStation 3: The Final Hack

@GribbleYou can straw-man all you like. It doesn’t support your argument any better. I can come up with a million different situations that SOUND terrible, but are related in no way whatsoever.Fact of the matter is, it’s your device. You do with it what you please. If you want to hack it, you hack it. If you want to pirate, then do that, but you may have to deal with consequences. But who are you people to actually tell a person what they can or can’t do with WHAT THEY PURCHASED WITH THEIR OWN MONEY.In fact, the people saying that modifying their devices isn’t even worth it, the fact that features come about that Sony, Apple, or any other company would have never included way outweighs not jailbreaking/modding it.I have my ipod jailbroken, and I do not even use it to download apps. The functionality increased by several 100%, but according to you I’m scum and villainy. The fact that you clowns automatically jump to piracy as the number one reason that a person would want to modify their device speaks wonders about your insecurities and your loyalty to a company that doesn’t give two craps about you.

Here is the original post: PlayStation 3: The Final Hack

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