Valve will release PC/console next year

@yeahokchiefWhat about anything that you’re claiming about PC fanboysim can’t also be said for fanboys of other formats? There’s nothing unique or special about fanatics of a particular platform.Which games are exclusive to whatever format is not something you’re going to work out on N4G. People will buy what they like. Having a game available on multiple formats does not limit what other people can buy or do. I’m playing Far Cry 3 on the PC I built. If you want to play it on PS3 or Xbox, go ahead and do that. I don’t give it a second thought. I bought both Borderlands 2 and Battlefield 3 on both PC and PS3 so I could play with both sets of friends. No one seemed harmed or oppressed by that (other than me and my wallet). Or if a game is part of an exclusive deal with one platform and find that’s the best arrangement for them, they have every right to do that.Your blanket statements about PC gamers is pretty offensive, so if you were not trying to be a dick, I think you’ve failed miserably. I have been doing most of my gaming on a reasonably high end PC recently, but you can look at my comment history and see that I’ve picked Journey as my favorite game of 2012 and plenty of console games as my picks for GOTY in the past, including MGS4, Demon’s Souls, Red Dead Redemption (well, tied with ME2 actually), and Dark Souls (which at the time console-only). A good game is a good game.The consumer will decide whether digital distribution or physical media (or both, which is more likely) is the future. If you don’t like digital distribution, buy it some other way. BTW, all of the console developers also happen to sell games via digital distribution now, and it continues to move in that direction. I don’t expect that trend to suddenly reverse.

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