Apple CEO visits Valve HQ – Report

April 13, 2012 2:18PM PDT

Tim Cook supposedly spends time at Half-Life, Portal studio in Bellevue, Washington, today; no comment from Valve or Apple on the matter.

Are iPhones and headcrabs coming together? Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, today, according to a report from Apple Insider.

The report did not indicate any specific purpose to the visit, and as of press time, neither Valve nor Apple had responded to GameSpot’s requests for comment.
Valve’s present partnership with Apple is limited to the digital distribution hub Steam being available on Mac computers, and a Steam iPhone app, which was released in January.
In March, rumors emerged that Valve was working on hardware of its own, though the company said gamers should not expect anything from the firm anytime soon. Today, job listings at Valve were spotted calling for people to “invent whole new gaming experiences” and “research compelling new hardware technologies.”

By Eddie Makuch, News Editor
Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He lives in Connecticut, works out of the company’s New York City office, and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

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