First images of Elite: Dangerous surface

November 9, 2012 7:41AM PST

David Braben’s Kickstarter project gains a new video, concept art, and images of the game’s ships.

Earlier this week, game developer David Braben and his studio Frontier Developments created a Kickstarter page for a new game in the Elite universe, subtitled “Dangerous.” Braben was looking for $2 million or £1.25 million, which he said was enough for Frontier to build and release the game.

At the time of writing, the fund has reached nearly a third of its minimum target, but today the team released a video and some images to entice more funding. The screens show concept art of the smaller ships and the bigger cruisers, while in the video, computer screens show what appears to be the game running in its current form.
The full set of images are available on the game’s Kickstarter page, and in our image gallery. The Kickstarter project currently has 56 days to go and is set for release on the PC in March 2014. Any money raised beyond the minimum funding target will allow the possibility of more content and platforms, according to Braben.

Watch the GS News video on the original Kickstarter announcement.

By Guy Cocker, Editor
Guy Cocker is the Editor of GameSpot UK, a handheld gaming fan, and someone who actually managed to use video games to lose weight. He recently took up the position of games expert on BBC 5 live and is a BAFTA games judge.

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