Garry’s Mod getting Kinect support

November 28, 2012 10:52AM PST

Developer Garry Newman reveals physics-based game will add motion-control support on PC either this week or next.

Gamers will soon be able to control characters in Garry’s Mod with nothing more than their limbs. Creator Garry Newman has announced a new patch for the sandbox game that adds support for Microsoft’s Kinect motion-control technology.

Kinect support for Garry’s Mod will work with all Xbox 360 Kinect units on any Windows PC machine with Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.6, but not Mac.
The update is scheduled to be released either this week or next, according to a tweet from Newman, and is not planned for release outside of the PC.
For more on Kinect support for Garry’s Mod, check out Newman’s detailed blog entry and video of Kinect compatibility in action below.

By Eddie Makuch, News Editor
Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He lives in Connecticut, works out of the company’s New York City office, and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

The rest is here: Garry’s Mod getting Kinect support

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